NAME: Britt Worldwide
CONTACT: Mr. Bill Britt
ADDRESS: 3326 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd Bldg E
Durham, NC 27707-6242
PHONE: 866 279-4414
FAX: 919 595-8694
BBB CASE#: 11067992

BWW has failed to provide any sort of training. There are no written rules or regulation for their program. There is no formal training for members.

In spring 2010 I joined a global company promoting their products in US and other countries. Soon I was contacted by a group of people asking me to join BWW (Britt World Wide). On persuasion of this group of people I attended few BWW meetings. These meetings were held once a week and to attend these meetings I was required to pay at the door each week. Besides weekly meetings there were monthly meetings and again I was required to pay to attend monthly meetings. Then there were bi-monthly meetings. Bi-monthly meetings were held in large conference rooms and significant money was charged from all attendees for these meetings. Beyond that there were quarterly and yearly meetings and again attendees paid dearly to attend these meetings. I attended number of weekly and monthly meetings and couple of bi-monthly meetings as well.

This group of people, who persuaded me to attend, told me that these meetings will be part of training program and boost skills to earn in future. Also they told me this is the only way to be successful by attending these meetings. Soon I realize that this all was a scam; these meeting were completely useless; this group of people was simply lying to me and to everyone else to bring us to the meeting and to make us to pay for these meetings. No training, what so ever was part of these meetings and weren't helpful in any sense. Many people paid dearly to BWW to attend these meetings without gaining anything. BWW has no training program either to train the group of people who run these meetings or to BWW members. BWW simply collect million of US dollars and keep it.

BWW collect an average $1000 USD per member per year. BWW has many members at any given month of the year. Most of these members join on persuasion of other old members and leave after few years of membership. They lose few thousand dollars during their membership with BWW and regret for joining BWW. BWW make 100's of million dollar every year from these members. BWW doesn't disclose any information on their website. There is no information about how many new members join or how many members leave. There is no information on BWW website about success rate of joining their program.

After making huge revenue from members BWW has failed to provide any sort of training. There are no written rules or regulation for their program. There is no formal training for its members. Old members can lie on stage to make new members or to bring them to the meetings and to BWW. Old members are persuading people to become member of BWW and proving all sort of misleading information.

Desired Resolution:

BWW need to resolved following issue after charging huge money from its members:

1. There are no written rules for members. BWW (Britt World Wide) need to come with written rules and regulations for its members about their program and membership. There need to be clear instructions on what BWW members can say in public and what members can't say or claim about BWW program.

2. No statistics data or information disclosed about program. BWW need to disclose number of members benefitted from BWW program and number of members were not happy about their program and eventually leave. BWW need to disclose ratio or percentage of members stay on BWW program more than 5 years or longer. If BWW is rewarding these members for staying longer then need to be disclosed as well.

3. Asking for IBO number for other people on registration. BWW need to be independent about its registration process. BWW website doesn't disclose correct information and doesn't have a correct joining page for new members. It's asking for irrelevant information about new members to join BWW and learn about its program. It needs to disclose program information before joining BWW on its website.

4. No training offered to members about its program. BWW need to have regular in-class training for its members who speak in public or make any commitment on behalf of BWW. This training need to cover specific instructions on what members are allowed to say to new members. BWW need to provide written documents to support their claim to new members.